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Date:September 24, 2012


70% of all Americans will experience significant back pain during their lives. Key reasons aside from major trauma: 1) loss of flexibility, 2) weakness and imbalance of ‘core’ strength, 3) abdominal problems (surgery, pelvic pain, etc)., 4) poor habits…too much sitting, posture, poor movement patterns, and 5) unresolved other injuries/problems in the body…ie. altered gait pattern due to chronic knee pain, poor ankle flexibility, tight shoulder, neck stiffness, etc.) This is where functional manual therapy shines as it is a system by which the PT can fully appreciate the whole and how it works together and then treats it that way. Did you know that a fall on your tailbone when you were 15 yo can be the root of your back pain? How about a hysterectomy? Maybe a chronic neck pain that started with a car accident? You get the point! The philosophy of a CFMT is to identify…….manual treatment for soft tissue restrictions and joint pain/stiffness, posture and self monitoring of movement and teaching you the right ways to move (not just to ‘use your legs’), localizing specific core weaknesses and training those imbalances and then integrating it into your life and what you do so that it will not happen again! You will have the power!


Where to begin? Let’s keep it simple and say 2 things: 1) your posture affects everything in your
body….yes, everything, and 2) everything affects your posture! Seen here is a functional test called the
vertical compression test that identifies weaknesses in your alignment that guides treatment and helps
the patient to learn how to correct his/her carriage so that pain can be avoided and better function
attained. It is one of many functional tests that a CFMT would do with you.