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Date:October 09, 2012

Knee / Ankle

Often these must be treated together as the ‘dynamic duo’, as the relationship b/w them is so strong. For instance, if you walk with your foot not absorbing shock, then you can potentially cause undo force through the knee. If you had a broken toe or an ankle sprain years ago, you could have been left with a mild stiffness in the foot or ankle joints that over time altered your walking, bending, moving and many years later is causing back pain that keeps recurring. Orthotics can be great, BUT you often do not need them if the foot/ankle and knee joints can be treated to increase mobility and or promote stability and the muscles trained to do their jobs fully. Neuromuscular training is critical in any rehab process (seen here performing Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitaiton or PNF on a patient post knee surgery). The
training is not just isolated strengthening, but an integrated approach to restore the body’s function to its fullest (walking, sport, etc).