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Date:September 24, 2012

Neck / Head

If you are age 30+ and you have a neck, you more than likely have some notable degeneration starting. This alone (as with any other pathology noted in an x-ray or MRI) does NOT mean that is the source of your problem. In fact it is often the result of wear and tear that started due to a problem somewhere else.

So what is the cause? It could be linked intimately with posture, former traumas of all types, sinus issues, ANY nerve problems, elbow or shoulder tendinitis, vascular compression, old fractures (clavicles, hand/wrist, nose), overuse of hands (carpal tunnel, etc), vision deficits, balance loss, inner ear/vestibular dysfunction, sleep position, driving posture, STRESS, digestion/swallowing malfunction, abdominal/chest surgeries, and more.

You get the idea….almost any and every thing can and does affect your neck. Headaches too are linked right along with the whole system but often present with a cause related to a blow to the head (even years before they begin) or repetitive trauma like soccer. These traumas can be easily treated and resolve your pain.

So remember the  neck is at the ‘top’ (almost) of a long chain of potential trouble makers and the asymmetrical forces that create neck pain and dysfunction are plentiful!