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Date:October 31, 2012


Finding your body’s tensions/restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue that binds us together and wraps around all your organs, vessels and nerves as well as muscle and joints) is KEY to the success of this work. Once an area or structure is localized, gentle releases are performed as the body unwinds its kinks. I equate it with getting a knot out of a shoelace….you give it slack and the laces loosen and then you guide it to ‘freedom’. IN the same fashion tension in the nerves from the brain/spinal cord levels to where they end in your limbs and/or the autonomic nervous system to the organs can be felt and released, often in a short amount of time. However, caution is always practiced so as to never ‘force’ the body to be treated anywhere it is not ready for…the body knows what it needs! Often, very chronic problems have layers of compensation and thus treatment is like ‘peeling an onion’. One layer will cover up the next as the compensations progressed over time. Seen here is a technique for the liver and common bile duct as well as one for the lungs to mobilize the fascia and promote improved mobility and thus functionality of that organ.