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IF you are interested in a scheduling a consult: either by phone (15 minutes) or in person (30 minutes), you may do so BEFORE you seek a referral from a doctor or other medical provider who can refer to PT. (Treatment is not allowed UNTIL you have a medical diagnosis and have been cleared to proceed). This is currently the law in state of California for PT’s.

IF you want to begin your course of treatment with a FULL HOUR evaluation and treatment, you must FIRST see your doctor of choice and request a physical therapy referral.

To make things easier for getting the referral you may:

  • Print the request for services form below and take to your physician along with the referral for therapy (2nd form).

  • Ask the doctor to consider allowing you to try this form of treatment for 2-4 visits if he/she is uncomfortable about it since it is not well known. We can go from there. Actually IF I am not seeing a difference in max 4 visits, I will stop services and refer you back to your provider.