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  • Functional Manual Therapy

    “I’m a 67 yo active gentleman with a good deal of arthritis in my lower back that had altered my spine into a scoliosis curve causing me to lean sideways and twist forward.

    When I came to Jera for help, I could walk for only short distances and I could stand for only very short periods because of severe sciatic nerve pain running from my back and down the back of my legs. Almost any movement initiated the pain. I also experienced a great deal of numbness, particularly in my left foot. With Jera’s help (hands on treatment) along with the individualized excercise routine, I’m back on my feet. I can walk a great deal more than before and the numbness in my left foot has pretty much disappeared. Moreover, standing is no longer much of a problem. I can pretty much do all of the activities I need to do without pain.

    I highly recommend Jera’s approach to physical therapy.
    A real blessing.”

    Joel L.

    “I’m a physical therapist myself suffering from back issues for several years.  I move (relocate) a lot which means I have worked with several good therapists across the country.  Jera is by far the most skilled therapist I have met.  I knew instantly her skills were unique by her thought process, her hands, and her ability to watch you move and make corrections.  She truly does consider how the entire body is contributing to your dysfunction, and treats with that mindset.  I would recommend Jera to anybody who needs PT no matter how big or small the problem, you will be in great hands. Thank you, Jera, for changing my life!”

    Jennifer M., MPT

    “Jera has been my physical therapist off and on over the past two years. I came to her suffering from severe shoulder and neck pain. I had significantly reduced mobility of my neck and moderate to severe pain in my arm making it almost impossible to drive more than 20 minutes. (note: living in Brawley and San Diego proved a burden as a result of the pain).  Daily pain registering more than 6/10 had become a constant with minimal relief trying  other things.

    Jera’s treatment has led to pain reduction and the return of my  neck and shoulder mobility. Her treatment was carefully planned and implemented.  Ultimately she proved to me that posture is the KEY to good spinal health and enforced my exercises ever so carefully as she knew I was challenged with doing them correctly. I appreciated her patience, her care, her professionalism, and personal consideration that have led to my successful treatment. Thank you, Jera!”

    Anita Hajos, Semi-Retired Speech Pathologist

    “I had struggled for six years with leg pain. I had been to many doctors, and had MRI’s and x-rays. Nobody could tell me what was wrong. After meeting with Jera she said “this seems like a vascular issue.” She treated me ONE time and the pain went away! Unfortunately, the pain came back. I ended up seeing a vascular surgeon, who found a blockage in my groin. With a simple procedure, it was fixed. I am now pain free. I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years. Even though the physical therapy was a temporary fix, it was Jera’s knowledge of the workings of the human body were the main reason for my recovery, I cannot recommend her enough.”

    Roger F., Los Angeles

    “I have been to many doctors, physical therapists, exercise classes, etc. andno one has ever zeroed in on exactly what my problem was until I saw  Jera.She immediately “diagnosed” my problem and told me she felt she could help me in just a few sessions.”

    She was correct, and I have been feeling great since she treated me….now 6 months later! She is not the type of person who will keep you coming back and using her services if she feels she cannot truly help you.

    Jera is kind, compassionate, caring, honest, and an excellent communicator.  She possesses a wonderful sense of humor and brings a wonderful attitude with her.  She has certainly made a huge difference in my life.  I now can move about and do the things I want to without pain.  What a gift!!

    I highly recommend Jera to anyone who needs this type of care!”

    Fran Z., Active Grandmother

    As a physical therapist myself, I understand what to look for when seeking out a competent practitioner.  Not only have I seen Jera myself,  I have also referred many of my friends and family, including my mom (who lives out of state), my husband, and my 11 month old baby.  We have all had success across a wide variety of challenges.
    Jera’s knowledge and skill go far beyond the basic workings of the body’s muscles, bones, and nerves.  When a trauma is suffered, sometimes years past, core fibers that surround all of our body’s structures can become restricted, thus causing pain and dysfunction.  Her treatments extend into those fibers to locate those deep-rooted causes.  Her treatments focus on your goals and are finite in nature, thus freeing you from a lifetime of “maintenance visits”. She is truly a master of her craft, and I will continue to have her treat me and those I hold dear.  Much gratitude, Jera!”

    The V.O Family

    “My daughter had been suffering from chronic migraines and stomach pain for two years before our first appointment with Jera. Due to medical doctors not knowing how to help her, we turned to neurologists, homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, as well as other physical therapists, without any success. In just ONE visit with Jera, she was able to help us uncover several hidden issues and possible causes for her chronic pain. She asked questions no one had ever thought to ask before! Jera’s intuitiveness and ability to truly listen to what my daughter described, helped reveal things that remained mysteries to every other doctor who attempted to treat her over the years! After only a handful of treatments, there was a significant difference in my daughter’s overall physical, mental and emotional health.

    It has been almost a year since her last treatment and she is still doing wonderfully. I am forever grateful to Jera for knowing exactly how to treat the root cause of my daughter’s health issues, and for being the only person who has ever truly been able to help her. ”

    Wendy E.

  • Neuro-Meningeal Treatment


  • Visceral Manipulation


    “Jera is a superb visceral physical therapist. She was referred to me by the Director of Motility Clinic at UC San Diego. Her techniques for relieving constipation caused by adhesive abdominal disease and opioid use are cutting edge. Additionally, her approach is holistic so that her treatments also address tension and anxiety. She helps her patients with exercises they can do at home and devices applicable to their symptoms. Jera keeps in touch with her patients between treatments, when appropriate.Jera’s patients are extreme fortunate to have an expert and very kind therapist.She has my highest recommemdation.”

    Jan M.

    “Jera is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner. She applies her technique in a gentle manner. As an alternative practitioner myself, I am very selective about who I allow to work with my body. I had instant trust in Jera’s abilities to resolve my abdominal pain issue. I highly recommend her!”

    Margie Murnan NeuroMovement Specialist

    “Before I went to see Jera, I was thinking the same thought every day –“I just can’t do this anymore!” I underwent a MAJOR abdominal surgical procedure 7 years ago and was still healing from that when these episodes began occurring 2 years  later. Over the past year (before starting therapy), I had been to the Emergency Room and hospitalized 4 times because of a blockage in my small intestine.

    Above all, I missed having a regular life. I also knew that physically I couldn’t manage it anymore. The pain was debilitating, and my body would take weeks to recover from each episode. It was taking a serious toll on me, my family, and my life. Over time the episodes become more frequent and more intense. In those four years, I never knew when the next episode would occur, it could happen any time – and did. One hospitalization occurred while I was in another state, visiting family. Furthermore, there were no changes I could make in my already healthy diet and lifestyle. The only option I had been given was surgery, which ran the risk of making the problem worse by creating more adhesions (the source of the original blockage). I was physically and emotionally exhausted and incredibly frustrated.

    Jera was first mentioned to me during an appointment with my gastroenterologist. He didn’t make any promises beyond telling me he knew some people who had benefited from Jera’s treatments. He offered the reference to Jera as another option to explore as an alternative to surgery. I was very open to trying it because I thought there was a certain amount of logic — the small intestine kept getting tangled in the same area of adhesions, so if something could be done internally to reposition or smooth out the area, perhaps that would alleviate the problem.

    In my first appointment with Jera, my impression was that she was professional, smart, and approachable. In particular, she is a very good listener. She spent a lot of time listening to my story, asking questions, and taking notes. She has an easygoing way about her, and it’s easy to feel relaxed and comfortable. Jera truly cares about her patients and it shows. She explained to me what she did and how it may apply to me. She told me that most patients know within the first three appointments if the treatment is working for them or not.She explained what to expect and, over the course of the treatments, she would explain what she was doing and why. I didn’t experience any pain during treatments, on the contrary I always felt calm and relaxed, Jera’s approach is to be responsive to the patient’s body, which means she doesn’t force anything. My regular treatments with Jera ended after a few months and I had a couple of follow-up treatments.I have NOT had an episode since then…now 1.5 years later, and I attribute it to the work she did with me. She has made a huge difference in my life, and I’m so grateful to be out of the hospital and living my life again. I am extremely thankful that my physician referred me to her. “I highly recommend Jera to anyone who is experiencing a similar health problem.”

    Mrs. D, San Diego

    “I am a 58 year-old woman who has been through 20 different abdominal procedures over the years due to infertility and colon cancer. I had become accustomed to living daily with moderate to intense pain. About a year and a half ago the abdominal pain  and other symptoms had increased to an unacceptable level. Now, I am a very optimistic and positive person, but this was starting to get me down and really affect my daily activities like caring for my toddler grandson. Life was definitely getting more difficult. Often I would find myself in bed for more than a day just to cope with the 9 out of 10 level abdominal pain as well as seemingly associated migraines among a myriad of other awful symptoms.

    Then new hope was offered to me when my gastroenterologist referred me to Jera Ratliff…. and my life changed.

    I cannot even begin to tell you what or how she does what she does. But, what I can tell you is… it does not hurt. She helps me to feel better as she is able to get me back on track as far as my system/s functioning as a whole. Am I symptom free? No, but overall I am 50% improved which is amazing! And what is even better I know she is there if/when I am having a really bad episode. Even my husband tells me to call her as he sees how much the treatment really makes a difference for me!

    I will never be able to tell her how much I and all the members of my family appreciate what she has done for me.”

    Beth W.,Coronado