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Visceral Manipulation and YOU

"VM is the hands-on therapy with the specific goal of encouraging normal movement and tone both within and between the internal organs, their connective tissues, and other structures of the body where normal motion has been impaired. The ultimate goal is to all the body to self-correct, leading to improved health and optimal body function."

(From A Pathway to Health: How VM Can Help YOU by Alison Harvey)


1. Many things can influence pain that are not detectable by current diagnostics. This does not make them invalid or any less painful or problematic, but it does leave room for additional ways to assess the problem and treat it. These methods have one ‘foot’ inside the formal medical realm and one ‘foot’ on the edge, using science and anatomy as the guide and then treating the body using ‘its’ own ‘intelligence’ to bring it back to balance or homeostasis.

2. 1 in 6 Americans suffer with some GI disorder affecting quality of life.

3. Vascular, nerve (autonomic NS), fasciae, ligament restrictions all can lead to reduced mobility of organs and can cause pain anywhere in the body. Often the ‘trouble maker’ is far from the painful area!

4. Many CHRONIC musculo-skeletal (orthopedica) problems are a RESULT of these strains/ tensions caused by a restricted or mal-functioning organ, vessel, and nerve. The body ‘hugs the lesion’ altering the way our body is able to move naturally. REMEMBER…..WE are ALL CONNECTED!

5. Alternative care may offer additional and ultimately the only solution to these problems including the techniques described as VISCERAL MANIPULATION (VM).

6.’ VM’ was developed by a French osteopath and physical therapist, Jean-Pierre Barral more than 30 years ago and along with a colleague have advanced this work to amazing levels of proficiency. They are continuing to teach across the world as well as document and research these techniques. *TIME magazine in 1999 noted developer Jean-Pierre Barral one of the top 100 innovators of healthcare for the next millenium.

7. VM addresses both mobility of systems (treating where things are don’t move normally) and motility, a phenomenon noted where each organ has its own inherent rhythm that is ‘in sync’ with the others that indicates its state of function and health.

8. Defining visceral manipulation: It is a method of treatment used by highly- trained healthcare practitioners whereby dysfunction can be evaluated and treated through the advanced knowledge of anatomy and the extremely sensitive perception of touch.