Advanced Physical Therapy Services for complex, chronic, and difficult-to-treat problems. 

Experienced female Physical Therapist, Jera Ratliff with 29 years of training treating ALL areas and patient populations using Functional Manual Therapy, Visceral Mobilization, Neuro-Meningeal techniques, as well as specific and individual therapeutic exercises. Target areas include abdominal pain, GI distress (IBS, GERD, constipation, hiatal hernia), Pelvic Pain, Surgical Adhesions, Trauma, bladder concerns, nerve issues & chronic pain. LEARN MORE ABOUT US

Personalized Treatment
You will receive fully individualized treatment
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center
Licensed Therapists
Your treatment will only be performed by professionals
Practitioner Network
We will work closely with all your health practitioners
Friendly Staff
Our administrative staff will always be available to assist you
Therapeutic Goals
Setting goals increases the odds of achieving a successful outcome