What to Expect

The first visit is an in-depth interview regarding your problems, a review of your history, a physical therapy assessment  and usually a first treatment session. This entire process is critical as it provides the key insights into unlocking the mystery of your problem and will allow further assessment the follow up visits based on how you responded.

All EVALUATIONS are at least 1 hour with follow up visits dependent on need or other concerns. Initially they need to be an hour, but  you may be seen for 45 or 30 mins., or on a rare occasion 15 mins. Call our office for availability and to schedule your appointment.


What to Bring

  • The printed/completed new patient forms.
  • Any critical MRI or surgical reports. This includes even the old surgical reports if you have them.
  • Wear something loose, or bring it with you. Comfort is key and elastic-band waist works best. A tank top with a light sweater is perfect as well, especially if we will be treating the upper body.