Mindfulness Training...UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Research has indicated that healing can most definitely be augmented by connecting the mind and body as we are often disconnected, which robs us from the natural healing that must happen. Trauma, physical and emotional stress, chronic illness are the top offenders for causing this dissociation where we "check out" in order to survive. This keeps the nervous system in a state of heightened "fight-flight-freeze," which is all about survival.

The alternate state is calm, simply as "rest and digest" and provides the opportunity for our system to heal and recover. In this state, nourishment is processed and deeper states of brain activity are accessed. Life demands we fluctuate between these two states in order to fully function, but we must realize what each feels like and how to access the calmer state in order to remain physically and mentally balanced. This is never more true than when healing is needed.

During Mindfulness Training, you will learn how to explore, practice, and integrate specific techniques into your overall recovery plan. These will serve you now and forever as you continue to apply them. They include:

  1. EASY SITTING MEDITATION — showing you a SIMPLE process that allows you to slow down and quiet the busy mind in order to access the 'other' part of your nervous system
  2. BODY AWARENESS — learning this tool is invaluable as you begin to reconnect the mind to the body
  3. BREATHING technique/s

Our Mindfulness Practitioner will foster your desire to apply these skills, give you practice guidelines and even audio recordings to help you succeed. (If these techniques are not what you had hoped to learn, there are many other options to choose from...just ask!)

THIS WORK IS AMAZING and SO important for your healing. IF you've always wanted to learn or improve these abilities, our extremely gifted Mindfulness Practitioner will better your journey!